The National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing (SOC) Summer Workshop 2021 is the third edition of the Summer Workshop organized by NUS, School of Computing.

This year's workshop will mark the return of the popular programme as 2020's workshop was cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be held online entirely in view of the on-going global pandemic.

Our highly-interactive programme aims to integrate theory into practice. In addition to providing a deep focus in high-demand computing fields (e.g. Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Media and IoT), it highlights the real-life relevance of these specialised knowledge through hands-on application.
Students gain valuable industry insights and knowledge through lectures and have opportunities to hone and flex their computing skills through projects.

You may also check out the previous runs of the Summer Workshop via the links here!
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Phase 1 Details

28 April 2021

Dear Workshop Participants,

The email with information regarding Phase 1 of the Workshop has been sent to you.
  • NUSNET ID and Password
  • NUSNET Account Guide - with instructions on accessing your NUSNET account, Zoom, LumiNUS and Microsoft Teams
  • Phase 1 Topic Schedule
You are also required to attend one Zoom Preparatory Session. There are 2 timeslots. You have already been pre-assigned to a timeslot.

1 May 2021, 3.00pm OR 1 May 2021, 4.30pm

Please also read through the NUS Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources and NUS Code of Student Conduct (links are in the email).

How is the programme conducted?

This year's programme will be fully online and is conducted in 2 phases. Phase 1 is slated to start from 8 May to 5 June with lectures on Saturdays and mini-assessments. Phase 2 will be conducted from 12 July to 28 July, with advanced lectures and project work. Take a closer look at the Programme Structure!

What areas of interest or topics can I choose?

The topics this year span across multiple in-demand, popular computing fields such as Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Media, IoT. There are 4 distinct clusters consisting of a total of 16 topics. View the available topics under the respective clusters under Topics and Clusters.
of subjects offered across 4 clusters with 16 topics in total to build your knowledge in high-demand IT fields
exclusively created for you to access NUS learning platforms
(e.g. LumiNUS, Zoom, Microsoft Teams) during workshop 

to showcase your computing skills through intensive hands-on project supervised by our esteemed professors 

via Zoom with real-time social interaction for discussion, feedback, sharing and insights
will be provided to offer flexibility to review lecture materials and consolidate knowledge gained in class 

greatly advantageous for future career and further studies 
to apply for the SoC NGNE Programme which offers a chance for early admission to the Master of Computing programme 

opportunities available to participants of the Summer Workshop on a competitive basis
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