Applications are closed as of 31 March 2020 due to the cancellation of the workshop.

However, the application portal will be kept open for communication with existing applicants on refunds and other matters pertaining to the cancellation of the workshop.

The application portal can be accessed via the link below:

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to avoid browser compatibility issues. 
Access the application portal here!
Fill in the form as instructed and create your application.  You will receive an email with your password for a unique application account.
Log in using your email address and the password to upload your supporting documents. All documents MUST be in readable format without the reviewer needing to rotate the document. You will need to submit scanned copies the following documents:  
  • Academic transcript**
    (English or Chinese version only)
  • English qualifications** 
    (CET4, CET6, TOEFL or IELTS or other proof of English proficiency)
    (For students from non-English speaking universities, it is compulsory to submit at least one of these)  
  • Relevant awards/achievements (if any) 
  • Identity Card (both sides for students from China)
  • Passport page (if available)
**We understand that some students may not be able to submit the original scanned copies of transcript and English qualifications as they are away from school due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we can also accept screenshots of their results from the official school website temporarily for review. Students must then submit the original scanned copies once they have obtained it.

Please note that you MUST complete the application form and submit your documents for your application to be complete and ready to be processed. Failure to do so would delay the processing. 
You will be notified within 1 month AFTER completing your application. Successful applicants will be issued an email/letter of offer to attend the workshop. The email will also contain information about payment of program fee.
Upon accepting the offer to attend the workshop, please make the payment of program fee within the specified time frame to secure your place.
The program fee is SGD4180. (If air-conditioned accommodations have no more vacancies, all subsequent students will be allocated to non-air-conditioned accommodations for the whole program, these students would pay a lower program fee due to reduced accommodation costs)

The program fee is inclusive of:
  • Workshop fee
  • Program certificate 
  • Up to 26 days of accommodation 
  • Airport transfers 
  • Student card 
  • Telephone card 
  • Bus card 
  • T-shirt 
  • Major meals (Welcome dinner, Farewell Dinner ceremony)
The actual topic (within a cluster) for a student to do his/her project will only be decided AFTER the student has attended all the topics within the assigned cluster at NUS. Nevertheless, during the application stage, each applicant needs to provide indications of which topic(s) he/she would like to do his/her project.
  • Undergraduate students majoring in:
    • Computer Science related
    • Business related
    • Information Systems related
    • Mathematics related 
    • Electronics and Electrical Engineering (software focused) 
    • Electronics and Electrical Engineering (hardware focused) 
    • Others such as (Software Engineering, Electronic Communication, Internet of Things)  
    • Other related disciplines (you may enquire by emailing us at  
  • With good academic achievement
  • Fulfills minimum English proficiency requirement - CET4 or CET6 or TOEFL or IELTS certificates or Other English Qualifications (exempt for students from English-speaking universities)