Data Story App Development with R
We are now at the era of big data. Data and algorithms dominate the day. Competitive advantage, for more and more enterprises, is obtained via data analytics and idea sharing in the current fast-paced, data-intensive, and open-source business environment. The capability of understanding data, digging out valuable insights from data, and thus making right managerial decisions accordingly has gradually become an essential skill that business graduates must master in order to excel in their career. 
This workshop prepares students with fundamental knowledge of using R, a powerful complete analytical environment, to organize, visualize, and analyze data. It is, however, not a programming course. It will focus on case studies that will train students how to summarise and present findings in a structured, meaningful, and convincing way. At the end of the course, students should be ready to develop an app to tell data story for a given business case.
About Professor
Professor Liu Qizhang
Department of Analytics & Operations, Business School, NUS

Dr. Liu Qizhang is currently an Associate Professor of NUS Business School. As an active researcher and practitioner in business analytics, he has developed a series of analytics systems for SMRT, SIAEC, Singapore Polytechnic, Hainan Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines, and provided consultancy services to many organisations including MinDEF and NLB. As an educator, he is winner of NUS Teaching Excellence Award and Faculty Outstanding Educator Award for his teaching innovation and excellent classroom delivery. Over the last 10 years, he has trained thousands of students on business analytics across different levels, from undergraduate to master and senior executives.