Immerse yourself in the full experience of being in NUS, studying and living on the NUS Campus! During the program, you will be staying on campus.

Students will stay at Prince George's Park Residences until 6 July. After 6 July, the air-conditioned accommodations at UTown Residences will be available and students will move to UTown Residences.

Due to limited availability of air-conditioned rooms at UTown residences, a small portion of students would not need to move to UTown and will continue to stay in Prince George's Park Residences throughout the program. These students would pay a lower programme fee in consideration of the reduced accommodation costs.

Prince George's Park Residences

Prince George's Park Residences is located on the eastern end of the Kent Ridge Campus. It is a comfortable apartment-style living arrangement and is accessible by internal shuttle bus.

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UTown Residences
The UTown residences are easily accessible by internal shuttle buses so you can travel to your class venues conveniently.

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