Summer Workshop 2022 is an interactive program which integrates theory into practice. Students gain valuable industry insights and knowledge through lectures and have opportunities to hone their computing skills through hands-on experience in projects.

The programme is divided into 2 distinct phases. A detailed programme schedule will be sent to students after their participation is confirmed.

During application, you will select and be assigned 1 out of 5 clusters.

Phase 1 (15 May - 29 May)

From May, you will embark on the first phase of the workshop.  This intensive learning phase features live lectures delivered online. You will be given an NUS account to access learning platforms such as Zoom and LumiNUS. Your professors will share their expertise through each of their own unique teaching styles. While embarking on this interactive virtual learning experience, you would gain an overall understanding of each of the topics before you dive into your projects.

The lectures will be held on Sundays. After which, you may also be given mini assessments or quizzes which will assist the professors when assigning the topics to students.

In June, after completing the lectures, you will then rank your preferences of the topics within the cluster to do a project. Topics are then assigned based on both your preference and availability.
Phase 2 (11 July - 28 July)

After the topics are assigned, you will be split into classes for your respective topics for your projects.

Launching into the second phase, you will begin on your advanced lectures where you will gain deeper insight into your assigned topics as you ready yourself for the projects.

Each group is then given ample time to brainstorm and execute their projects. You will also be able to consult your respective professors and teaching assistants who will guide you through the project development.

There will be additional Research Seminars. Through these seminars, you will get to know the other professors in School of Computing and get a sense of the rich research and areas of expertise they can offer. This is a great opportunity for you to find out about your future research options if you are considering further studies with us here in NUS School of Computing.

All your hard work will ultimately culminate into a showcase where you will exhibit your projects. The showcase is a competition where a certificate of achievement and prizes will be awarded to the winning projects.

You will present and demonstrate the newly-found skills and knowledge you have picked up throughout the programme to professors and your fellow workshop participants. This is a great opportunity to take a look at what your fellow peers have done and learn from each other. 

Upon concluding the showcase, you would have arrived at the final stop of the workshop!