STRUCTURE of the Workshop
You may refer to the schedule below for an idea of what is to come!
As promised, the workshop blends theory and practice to help you maximise your learning.
During application, you will select and be assigned 1 out of 5 clusters.
During the Workshop, you will attend lectures for all the topics within your assigned cluster before deciding the topic you wish to do your projects in.
After attending the lectures, you will then rank your preferences of the topics in the cluster to do a project.
Topics are assigned based on both your preference and availability.
After the topics are assigned, you will be split into classes for your respective topics for advanced seminars and project guidance.
Each group is given ample time to brainstorm and work on their project.
You will also be able to consult your respective professors who will guide you through the project.
On final showcase day, you will exhibit the fruits of your hard work by presenting your projects to the professors and all the other workshop participants.
After the showcase, it is time to celebrate your efforts, there will be a farewell dinner and then, Home sweet home!