Hear from your peers about their experiences and thoughts about the Summer Workshop!

Here are some of the testimonials from past participants from 2021's workshop.
The professors taught well and helped us a lot. I found the discussion session very helpful for digesting the concepts.  

Tsai Chengyan, National Tsing Hua University 
The Summer Workshop gives me an opportunity to have a broader view on various research fields in computer science, understand the teaching ways of NUS, and gain a lot of experience of research and teamwork in the process of communicating with professors, TA, and team members.  
Even under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the summer workshop is in an online form, the courses were almost as effective as face-to-face, and we successfully completed our project. As a suggestion, I hope that there could be more research seminars.  
It is my honor to participate in the summer workshop this year. Best wishes to all my classmates, professors, TAs and other staff of NUS. I hope I have the chance to study further in NUS in the future.

Huang Tianyi, Sichuan University

The setting of a Zoom help desk is handy, it helped us resume a session that initially didn't appear in LumiNUS, and I appreciate the thoughtful consideration during this special online workshop. 
Also, the showcase event from the last day is fantastic! I didn't expect that I would have a chance to see the work of every other group online, and I genuinely had an illusion of wandering across the booths offline! God, do I miss those days before COVID when I indeed had that chance to do so in NUS. We can see you did massive work throughout this workshop. Thank you, NUS staff! 

Xia Xiaoheng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

The knowledge of SECURITY in the DOTA topic gave me a more comprehensive and structured understanding of this whole aspect. These old military cryptographic machine and Neko Kanochi (for me the most impressive!!!) are really cool! Many labs are also very interesting! In addition, I have also gained more learning methods and experience in the study of English courses and the cooperation of group members. 

Su Haochen, Sichuan University 

Having such an excellent journey with Prof Colin and Uncle Soo is one of the happiest things this year. 

Zhang Qixiang, Sichuan University

We learned a lot during this summer study. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, all learning and communication had to be done online, which posed many challenges. However, due to the patient guidance of our professors and the efforts of our team members, we overcame the difficulties and completed the project very well. Thanks very much. 

Liu Zhengyu, Sichuan University 

Prof Terence Sim's topic introduces me to the world of visual computing. And I get some basic ideas about image processing and classification from this topic. I also realize that it is not necessary to use deep learning for all things, instead some simple methods from the origin may be powerful and effective, which the professor mentioned more than once in the lectures. 
Zhuang Yufan, Southern University of Science and Technology 

Prof. Danny Poo and Dr. Luo Kai gave us a lot of help and some key instructions for our project. Meanwhile, I am a student majoring in Cyber Security, not interested in security issues but skilled in data processing using python. Prof. Danny enabled me to have a look at the data science issues through his classes. I am quite honored to have a chance to take the classes by Prof. Danny about data analysis and visualization since I am always fond of statistics. Our teammates had excellent cooperation, and we have become friends. I am so satisfied with this experience and am applying for Data Science and Machine Learning at NUS, hoping to learn more in the NUS campus in reality.  

Li Zhengji, Sichuan University