There are 5 clusters of topics (below) which you can choose from. Each cluster has 3 to 4 topics. The clusters are:

1. Media and VR/AR
2. Big Data and Cloud Computing
3. Analytics and Security
4. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
5. X-disciplines (suitable for students without computing background)

During application, you will indicate your preference for your cluster and topic and you will ONLY be assigned a cluster first.

After you have attended the trial lectures for the topics within your assigned cluster, you will be asked to rank your preference for the topic within your cluster to do your project.

You will then be assigned a topic for your project based on your preference and availability of the topic.
Find out more about the topics that you will be learning about below! You may view more details of each individual topic (e.g. prerequisites you must fulfil to be able to take on the topic, a topic description and a brief bio of the lecturers that will be with you).

Click on the topics below!
Big Data & Cloud Computing
Analytics and Security
AI & IoT
Media and VR/AR